Pricing & Assortment

Pricing and assortment are key pillars of a successful and profitable business

Do you need help defining and executing a good pricing and assortment strategy? We can help you protect and grow your market share and improve profitability by developing a pricing strategy and optimizing prices.

Our approach

Pricing helps you achieve strategic and commercial goals. We have experience in building pricing strategies and putting them into motion across various industries. Pricing is contextual and unique to every industry and client situation. Hence, we’ll be working closely with you, and our starting point is to understand your abilities, constraints, challenges, and needs. 

Together with you and your team, we develop strategies and roadmaps that lead to what we call efficient pricing. We also assess your need for a pricing tool or a technical solution to make your pricing organization ready for the future. 

What we do

When embarking on new collaborations, we always start by looking at your assortment or service offering, organization structure and capabilities, and current performance. Some of our most common deliveries are: 

Pricing strategy 

  • Price positioning and competition analysis 
  • Develop product classification based on diagnostic data analytics of sales transactions and customer behavior to identify the role of each product group or SKU 
  • Commercial strategy and market relevancy alignment 
  • Executable strategy for sustainable price positioning and profitable growth 
  • Create practical ways of working to do efficient pricing 

Pricing model 

  • Develop and implement a working pricing model accounting for all relevant input factors 
  • Design pricing rules and guardrails to maximize sales and profitability 
  • Scalable proof of concept  

Test, measure, and improve 

  • Implement the new recommended prices 
  • Measure impact and adjustment model to achieve efficient pricing 

Whom to contact

Pricing has several dimensions and is becoming increasingly complex. Not only is competitiveness increasing – we also need the latest tools and methods to deal with the constantly evolving industry landscape. Do you need help navigating all the changes and setting a good strategy for your pricing and assortment? Get in touch with Suminder Pal Singh – he would love to chat! 

Suminder Pal Singh Senior Advisor

Business Operations & Merchandising

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