Category Management & Assortment Planning

Are you struggling to grow sales in your product categories?

At Curmanado we can help you! Do you feel like you have either too many products which are blocking your cash flow or too few bestsellers thus losing market share? Are you leaving money at the suppliers’ table? Do you have optimum assortment, balanced in width and depth? 

Our approach

We have expertise in the fields of category management, assortment planning, range building and buying & merchandising. We offer best practices across industries and across product categories.

We bring in a strategic perspective, and a customer-driven approach, and we work with you hand in hand from assessment of your current categorization, defining the right segments, assigning the right role for every category, to creating relevant assortments. 

We tailor strategies and solutions to your specific business goals as we understand in this changing environment every client has a specific need.  

What we do

We have extensive experience in supporting our clients, by bringing a structured approach to category management and proven frameworks in assortment planning, which will enable profitable business growth.  

Category Management is a strategic approach of managing spend by aligning business objective with internal and external capabilities. We have a proven 8 step process which helps your organization reach maturity in stages:

Assessment Stage 

  • Defining Categories 
  • Assigning Roles to Categories 
  • Analysis and Assessment 

Strategy Stage 

  • Setting up Objectives 
  • Defining Category Strategy 
  • Identifying Tactics 

Implementation Stage 

  • Assigning responsibilities  
  • Category Review 

Whom to contact

We’re here to turn your challenges into opportunities. Navigating the complexity of changing consumer demand, price pressure, supply risks, and evolving products is never easy. Get in touch with Varun Ahuja we are excited to learn more about your organization and share our knowledge and expertise! 

Varun Ahuja Senior Advisor

Business Operations & Merchandising

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