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The place to work for talents committed to growing companies into leaders on a digitalised market

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We’re a happy mix of humble management consultants and driven digital experts. Our conviction is that different but complementary perspectives make it possible to help companies accelerate their digital competitiveness.
Some would call it magic – we call it duality.


The foundation of our foundation

Curamando has a company foundation consisting of values that all employees – junior or senior, Powerpoint wizard or Google Ads pro, couch potato or triathlete, wearer of heels or lover of sneakers – are expected to live up to.

Our foundation consists of Delivery, People and Value – the pillars of our performance model. Together, they create a platform for mentorship and describe expectations. Ultimately, they attract, retain and build talents.

Our career framework

Curamando has a comprehensive career framework which describes what is expected of you as a consultant at different seniority levels in each capability. From Analyst to Principal. The purpose of the framework is to provide a clear career path for your personal development within the organisation.

Academic Epidemic
You will work with a range of ambitious clients and projects within teams of mixed competences. From small entrepreneurial start-ups disrupting the market to industry leaders in transformation mode. In addition to this, we have our own Academy for individual development as well as a challenging leadership program. We’re sorry, but you’ll never get out of school.

Brand fixing
We work with some of the most interesting brands in the market, that want to be a at the forefront. We’ll help them get there.

Entrepreneurial paradise
Join us and become an entrepreneur! We’re all involved in building the company’s future. Brick by brick. If you’re full of drive, creativity and initiative – we want you on our team.

Can you feel the atmosphere?
We combine structured processes, professionalism, creativity and playfulness. We think we’re a great place to work, and Great Place to Work agreed. Certified!

Saving the planet, one step at a time

Curamando’s work with sustainability is a central part of our business. We work according to the model “People, Profit, Planet” and strive to have a positive impact in all those dimensions. For instance, we constantly work with increasing the number of sustainable clients in our portfolio and we have climate compensated for our entire carbon footprint since the beginning of 2020.

Read about sustainability at Curamando.

Open positions

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One of the things I appreciate at Curamando is the different perspectives I get by working closely with Business Consultants. To be challenged and getting a bigger business understanding to get out of my “SEO bubble” is not only helping me to do better deliveries to my clients but also for my own personal development. Love it.

- Nira Hindocha, Senior SEO Expert

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At Curamando, we have three different tracks which we call “capabilities”

Business consulting
For professionals with experience within management consulting, change management and project management. Or highly ambitious graduates.

Advisory consulting
For people with broad and mixed experience, often from line positions within digital marketing, e-commerce and media management. Or with experience from media and performance marketing agencies.

Expert consulting
Specialists within expert areas: Analytics, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Influencer & affiliate marketing, Display & Video advertising, Customer relationship management (CRM), Marketing Technology (MarTech) & Marketing Automation.

Product consulting
Product managers, product owners and project managers working in agile projects with focus on digital products and growth.