Marketplaces provide an easy, cost-effective and time-efficient option to expand into new markets

Do you want to create new revenue streams by expanding into new markets via marketplaces? By choosing to sell in a marketplace you can leverage the logistics ecosystem set-up, well-established customer service, and an opportunity to market and acquire new customers for your brand. 

Our approach

We set your marketplace plans in motion, from creating a strategy to a go-to-market plan and executing those plans with our time-tested methodologies and framework. Our experts know the leading marketplaces inside and out. We understand what makes or breaks a marketplace business. Together with you, we work in a close-knit team to set common goals and deliver results to grow the business. 

What we do

If the marketplace is a new channel for you then we begin by creating the blueprint for success in a market. We assist you in scaling up your marketplace business and developing a marketing strategy. 

  • Outline market potential, trend analysis, competition landscape, and opportunities, to ultimately result in market and marketplace selection.  
  • We conduct an opportunity assessment for your products and brand and recommend a suitable business model.  
  • We help you launch and scale your marketplace business.  
  • The key to scaling sales is to drive both organic and inorganic visibility. We can create your marketplace advertising strategy and improve ROI by investing in content and refining keywords.  
  • Creating a brand store is one of the options to drive trust, customer engagement, and traffic to your products.

Whom to contact

Marketplaces are quickly growing along with the brands associated with them. Are you interested in creating new revenue streams utilizing marketplaces? Reach out to Suminder Pal Singh – he would love to hear about your ambitions!

Suminder Pal Singh Senior Advisor

Business Operations & Merchandising

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