E-commerce Operations

Do you need help growing your e-commerce business through strategy, tactical planning, or optimization?

Or do you lack operational support in your digital sales channels? Scaling ambitious brands globally? Moving to Direct-to-Consumer? We have extensive experience in supporting our clients, creating return on investment, driving digital growth, and ensuring your e-commerce business is profitable.

Our approach

We walk the talk. Our teams combine management consulting with comprehensive experience in tactical and operational e-commerce management, business development, and digital expertise. This wide span enables the same team to be with you from initial workshops and strategy work to execution and implementation. 

We tailor strategies and technical solutions to your specific business needs and goals. We work on the entire spectrum – offering, traffic, conversion, and loyalty – to grow and optimize your e-commerce performance. 

What we do

We specialize in providing comprehensive support and expertise to optimize and enhance online business operations. We offer experience and competencies to drive growth, improve efficiency, and maximize the success of e-commerce operations. 


  • E-commerce strategy 
  • Growth strategy 
  • Assortment & pricing strategy 
  • E-commerce sustainability strategy 

Foundations for a sustainable e-commerce business 

  • Profitable growth projects 
  • Organizational projects 
  • Operational models 
  • Analytics capabilities 

Review of the status quo 

  • E-commerce health check 
  • Sales channel assessment 
  • Conversion review 
  • Marketplace assessment 
  • Retailer assessment 
  • Sustainability assessment (E-com perspective) 


  • E-commerce platform evaluation & implementation 
  • Martech evaluation & implementation 
  • Artificial Intelligence 

Interim role examples 

  • E-commerce Manager / Head of E-com 
  • Online merchandiser 
  • Performance marketing specialist 
  • CRO/UX 
  • Analytics 
  • Product owner 

Whom to contact

Need help accelerating the growth of your e-commerce business? Or do you want to move your digital sales from one channel to another? We’re here to turn your challenges into opportunities. Get in touch with Marcus Askenbomwe’re excited to learn more about your organization and apply our knowledge and expertise! 

Marcus Askenbom Senior Advisor

Business Operations & Merchandising

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