Curamando's social media growth model is based on four key pillars: content, influencer marketing, paid social and organic social. Our expertise helps turn brand strategies and tactical business objectives into dynamic and relevant content for your social media channels. We grow our clients' digital businesses - while putting their channels in motion.

How we work

With us, you’re never alone. Our team of social media experts will quickly help you identify improvements and potential growth opportunities within your existing social media strategy. We can also develop and implement new strategies, set up your internal processes, or support you in projects through various line functions.

We keep up with the rapidly evolving social media landscape and create new methods to drive it forward. To ensure that all our deliverables are based on the latest methodologies, there is constant knowledge transfer within the team. With deep strategic experience, new technologies, and a passion for insight-gathering, we deliver the best possible results in every single project.

What we do

By checking and assessing the status quo, we identify winning concepts and the hidden potential of your current strategies and campaigns. Based on your business objectives and KPIs, we develop a new strategy and assist with all technical aspects during implementation. Throughout the project, we will also set up frameworks and processes to help you succeed after our handover. In short, we find the strategy and create the conditions to get your channels going, so that you can easily carry on with the day-to-day social media tasks independently. 

We can help you with the following:

  • Status quo analysis
  • Budget split across social channels
  • Settings – Data ownership, KPI framework, tracking, attribution model
  • Content strategy
  • Performance growth models
  • Tactical growth plan
  • Implementation of strategy support
  • Analysis of newly implemented strategy
  • Ongoing paid social support

Would you like to know more?

Do you need help developing a detailed funnel strategy? Want to increase sales and efficiency within your channels? Or maybe you just need ongoing social media support? Get in touch – we have a track record of great results and we’d love to chat. 

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The demand for effective and successful social media and content strategies is growing across all industries in all markets. For us, that means we need more people in all three of our offices. Get in touch with Alexander Hämäläinen or visit our careers page.

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