Social Media Marketing

Do you have untapped social media growth potential waiting to be unlocked?

At Curamando, we specialize in driving digital growth through our unique framework, built upon four key pillars: paid social, content, influencer marketing, and organic social. Our approach blends strategy and business objectives with the latest industry insights to transform your brand into a growth trajectory.

Our approach

We bring a team of experts who deeply understand diverse platforms such as Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter). As a platform-agnostic partner, we excel at identifying opportunities on the most relevant channels and customizing them to your unique business goals. Our data-driven approach, fueled by a test-and-learn mindset, ensures that we amplify your success. The marketing industry constantly evolves, with new regulations and challenges regarding privacy, targeting, and tracking. With our vast capabilities in marketing industry transformations, we are a steady partner in navigating these complexities.

We work internally in roles such as channel owner, marketing specialist, and acting CMO, as well as provide agency support to an existing in-house marketing department. Our expertise spans various verticals, from automotive to fashion and e-commerce, enabling us to drive exceptional performance across industries. Count on us to find innovative strategies and best practices to keep your business ahead of the curve. We put your business in motion, propelling it towards being your industry’s benchmark.

What we do

We analyze and establish a complete 360 perspective on your current situation to identify your existing setup’s best performance opportunities and hidden potential. We test, fine-tune, and implement relevant optimizations to find new KPI benchmarks for volume and cost and set up strategies to facilitate growth for your business. Process, ways of working, and documentation are essential, and we diligently set each client up for continuing the growth trajectory after we have left.

Our range of services includes areas such as:

  • Total analysis of the current state
  • Organizational governance – Data Ownership
  • KPI framework, tracking setup, and marketing attribution
  • Strategic budget planning
  • Content strategy through a test-and-learn framework
  • Testing and measuring market effectiveness
  • Agency steering
  • Ongoing paid social support

Whom to contact

Do you have untapped growth potential waiting to be unlocked? Do you want to be the benchmark of your industry? Or do you want to discuss challenges and potential support with your social channels over coffee? Reach out to Alexander Hämäläinen. He would love to hear more about your social media marketing agenda!

Alexander Hämäläinen Senior Expert

Marketing & Customer Acquisition

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