Programmatic Display

Do you want to assess your current setup and identify untapped potential within your programmatic display activities?

Programmatic display and online video can be utilized across the full funnel, both for attentive reach and actionable traffic and conversion. At Curamando, our experts help you elevate your marketing effectiveness and cost efficiencies by practicing channel excellence.

Our approach

At Curamando, we offer strategic channel ownership with operational expertise to drive scalable transformation with tailored solutions for your business. We work closely with our clients to support them in various roles. We often act as a stakeholder for existing media-buying internal or external agencies. We also offer agency services and operational support in managing programmatic display and online video activities.

Our team has experience in various media buying platforms and in-depth knowledge of ad tech and industry standards within ad verification and ad fraud prevention, ensuring relevant and brand-suitable contexts at every impression. We also work with bid optimization, inventory strategy, and other parameters to drive performance for traffic and conversion. We work with our clients, often on-site, to drive success for upper- and lower-funnel KPIs.

What we do

At Curamando, we have the expertise and skills to work with our clients from strategy to execution and results follow-up, with a strong track record. Here are some of the services we offer within Programmatic Display:

  • Channel owner for display and online video, developing roadmaps for short- and long-term excellence as well as ongoing channel optimization, stakeholder for internal or external agency
  • Agency operations, including setup, optimization, and evaluation of display and online video

Project management within:

  • Consolidating brands, markets, or business units in technical setup, media strategy, and operations – often to control cross-channel frequency.
  • Strategy for successful brand campaigns in display and online video
  • Efficiency/working media spend (brand safety, tech fees, media, and partner optimization)
  • DCO (Dynamic Content Optimization) and feed-based marketing
  • Procurement of tech vendors and campaign strategy
  • Insourcing of competencies, setting up operating models, hybrid teams, Google Ads shopping, and Performance Max

Whom to contact

Do you want to assess your current setup and identify hidden or untapped potential within your Display activities? Or do you want to know the potential for including display in your current media mix? Get in touch with Rebecca De Sousa – she would love to talk!

Rebecca De Sousa Senior expert

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