Performance Marketing

Performance marketing turns your advertising into an investment, not a cost, by directly tying your spend to real, measurable results

At Curamando, performance marketing isn’t just about buying digital media. Performance marketing contains a set of tools used to help you reach your overall business goals. To deliver cutting edge performance marketing services, we first aim to deeply understand your goals and needs, then translate them to actionable KPI’s. Lastly, we set up a mix of performance marketing activities to truly move the needle for you.  

Whether you are a start-up with great ambitions or a 100 year old company, continuously addressing your customers with the right message at the right time is the key to accelerated growth. 

Our approach

Performance marketing lies in the intersection of business strategy, creativity and data. To deliver the best results possible all these areas must be orchestrated in harmony.  

To understand your business strategy and where you are headed, we draw on the Curamando heritage of strategy consulting. At ARC we work closely with our creative sister agencies and within data we have a complete service offering with everything needed, from web analytics to machine learning and AI.  

What we do

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all offering, nor do we believe that media budget and engagement size go hand-in-hand. We tailor the engagement to your needs and the business goal you want to achieve.

A selection of our services: 

  • Channel assessments: a deep dive into the current performance of digital marketing channels with actionable recommendations and estimated uplift. 
  • Interim roles: an insourced expert from Curamando working in your organization. 
  • Media agency services: ongoing media buying and optimization service. 

Whom to contact

Want to know more? Contact Christian Jackson (on parental leave) or Rebecca de Sousa

Christian Jackson Expert Manager

Marketing & Customer Acquisition

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