Performance Marketing

& Paid Media

Paid search, display and online video, and paid social are all part of performance marketing, which has become a key digital success factor. At Curamando, we work closely with our clients and help with everything from review and strategy to media buying in all digital channels. We look at each channel individually, and evaluate how they can work together to maximize impact. That way, we can help our clients grow and reach digital maturity faster.

How we work

We have developed our own framework with tailored solutions based on the individual client’s situation. To understand the challenges, we work side-by-side with our clients and share the goals that we achieve together. Our work is data-driven, channel-agnostic, and channel independent, which gives you a winning combination of strategy and operational expertise. To ensure that we are always up to date and our deliverables follow best practices, our team regularly transfers and shares knowledge as well as participates in industry conferences, events, and courses.

What we do

At Curamando, we have the expertise and skills needed to work with our clients all the way from strategy to execution and results follow-up, with a strong track record. Here are some of the services we offer within performance marketing:

  • Evaluation of ongoing media buys
  • Strategies to activate and optimize paid channels in all parts of the buying process
  • Line functions as channel specialist/performance marketer
  • Defining requirements for media agencies 
  • Procurement of technical platforms such as DV360
  • Support in recruitment and skill provision
  • Training in performance marketing including:
    • Paid search
    • Programmatic display and online video
    • Paid social 

Would you like to know more?

Do you want to check if you are on the right track, or if you are missing out on hidden or untapped potential? Maybe you feel like you’re paying too much for the results you’re seeing. Let us help you map the areas of improvement and drive your growth. Get in touch – we’d love to talk!

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Our industry is quickly changing and we are always looking for new colleagues. At Curamando you get to work on varied projects with some of the most exciting brands in the Nordics. Get in touch with Thomas Jung or check out our careers page for current openings. 

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