Digital Strategy

Curamando has a proven track record of transforming strategic visions into actionable roadmaps underpinned by data-driven insights

Digital strategy encompasses a comprehensive approach to leveraging digital channels for achieving business objectives. It integrates marketing, analytics, and technology to drive growth and innovation. A robust digital strategy is pivotal for navigating the digital landscape effectively, ensuring a competitive edge, and fostering long-term customer relationships.

Our approach

Our strength lies in combining management consultants with functional and digital experts in sales and marketing. We work closely with you, and based on your needs, we tailor teams with relevant experience and skills. Curamando’s methodology is founded on working together with you to set ambitious and realistic objectives, as well as concrete strategies linked to business cases and activities. We also help you to identify the enablers (organization, skills, KPIs, budget, partners, etc.) required to achieve your goals. This positions us as a trusted partner in setting your digital initiatives in motion for sustained success.

What we do

At Curamando, we are experienced in goal setting and strategy work spanning both B2C and B2B in a variety of industries. Among other services, we offer:

  • Market and Competitor Analyses 
  • Goals and Target Definition 
  • Strategy Formulation and Planning 
  • Roadmap Creation 
  • Channel Assessment 
  • Business Cases  

Whom to contact

Do you want to discover your company’s hidden online business potential? Or do you need help formulating a clear vision of your company’s desired position and developing concrete activities to get you there? Susanne Mideklint and her team are here to help. Get in touch today.

Susanne Mideklint Principal

Business & Sales Channel Strategy

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