Omnichannel Marketing

Do you want to boost customer engagement and drive growth through a seamless omnichannel experience?

Mastering omnichannel marketing is challenging. You might face issues like organizational silos, incompatible systems, and misaligned strategies. Plus, there’s often just too much data to handle. Curamando is here to tackle these challenges with you, ensuring a consistent and personalized customer journey at every touchpoint.

Our Approach

At Curamando, we bring together digital strategists, channel experts, and management consultants to craft comprehensive omnichannel solutions. True omnichannel marketing goes deep – it knits together your systems, data, and processes for one solid brand experience.

Our methodology revolves around a customer-centric, data-driven approach that harmonizes communication across all channels. Strategy is key. Ensuring that your omnichannel efforts align with your overarching business objectives. Whether you want to increase sales, keep customers returning, expand your audience, or achieve other key goals, we’re on it. 

What We Do


Curamando’s dual expertise in management consulting and digital operations provides a strategic edge. We evaluate the efficacy of your current marketing efforts and support the development of strategies and workflows for omnichannel success. Additionally, we manage growth initiatives, craft campaigns, integrate new tools, and refine customer journeys to optimize every interaction. 

Here’s a snapshot of our core services: 

  • Operational support or strategic line functions in omnichannel marketing
  • Organizational structuring and restructuring of capabilities
  • Creation of marketing strategies and, plans, and executing accordingly
  • Customer insights and data analytics for personalized customer experiences
  • KPI Frameworks
  • Campaign management, content strategies, implementation, and execution


Whom to contact

Are you ready to transform your omnichannel marketing and create a truly integrated customer experience? Curamando is here to help you set your brand in motion and unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts. Reach out to Magdalena Lindquist – she would love to have a chat! 

Magdalena Lindquist Senior Manager

Business & Sales Channel Strategy

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