Digital Due Diligence

Thanks to Curamando’s unique technical background, we can present in-depth analyses and offer pointed advice on mergers and acquisitions in digital marketing and sales

Fast-growing e-businesses represent attractive acquisitions, but how do you analyze and value their digital platforms in a potential sale? To answer this, Curamando has claimed an almost unique position in the market.  

Our approach

Our strength and success lie in combining the best digital marketing experts with experienced management consultants passionate about M&A and digital growth. Using the latest methodologies, we conduct in-depth analysis across all channels, providing a comprehensive view of a company’s competitiveness in the digital sphere. Our teams work closely with our clients and constantly push to deliver the best possible results in every single project. 

What we do

Curamando has the skills necessary to perform analyses across all digital marketing channels or evaluate user behavior and user experience on e-commerce sites. We can also provide a comprehensive picture of a company’s strengths and weaknesses to estimate its financial potential. In recent years, we have advised several leading private equity companies on successful corporate transactions. 

Whom to contact

Want to know more about Digital Due Diligence? Get in touch with Louise von Blixen-Finecke, and we’ll arrange an initial meeting to discuss how we can help you. We’d also love to show you our previous experience! 

Louise von Blixen-Finecke Principal

Business & Sales Channel Strategy

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