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Formulating the right strategy and business plan is crucial when creating and delivering value to customers. This is where our proprietary Digital Operating Model framework comes in. By understanding, interpreting and breaking down the big picture into a clear structure, the Digital Operating Model helps us set activities in motion that create value. It’s a specific and customized blend of several key components and digital capabilities that together represent our philosophy on how best to deliver value.

How we work

Since our inception in 2012, we have developed and implemented specific operating models that have accelerated our clients’ business performance. The Digital Operating Model is a tool that creates structure and gains insights and understanding of how your individual business works. In order to apply and implement a modern business model, you first need to understand the big picture – where all parts are infused with a digital focus and where capabilities are reinforced and leveraged by each other. 

But understanding how to formulate and sustain an operating model is only one part of it. The real challenge lies in taking it to the level where it has an impact throughout your organization. And that, we can help you with.

What we do

At Curamando, we believe that in order to succeed in digital industries, the big picture should include the following elements: 

  • Governance must define and establish measurable business objectives
  • Functions and roles must cover the right strategic and operational tasks and be based on the right digital skills
  • Business interfaces and collaboration between functions and departments must be clearly organized
  • Processes must be well defined and established within the organization to support the business
  • The tools and systems used should leverage the organization and not act as bottlenecks or barriers
  • Performance measures and goals must correlate to business activities and help each individual, each function, and the organization as a whole

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