Change Management

Are you facing a digital transformation and looking for a partner who can help you drive change?

Implementing a digital transformation means simultaneously undergoing change in several different areas. Research shows that as many as two out of three companies fail to reach their transformation goals. At Curamando, we have extensive experience in helping our clients define their target state and draw up a realistic strategy going forward, followed by creating the conditions required to quickly and efficiently achieve the target state.

Our approach

We know that the best conditions for sustainable change and effective digital growth arise when management consultants, digital experts, and the client work together. With both strategic and operational capabilities in digital, we ensure that the plan for your transformation is well thought-out and that you get access to all the skills required to lead and implement the change effectively. This is how we set brands and organizations in motion.

What we do

At Curamando, we have a proven methodology that helps organizations succeed in their transformations and change management agendas. Through our holistic strategic advice and unmatched operational execution power, we can also support in selected parts of transformations. Our offer includes: 

Project management and planning 

  • Analysis of the current situation and defining objectives  
  • Formulation of strategic roadmap and strategic initiatives 

Management and steering 

  • Set KPIs and targets to measure performance and follow up 
  • Establish a steering model for the transformation that ensures control and progress 

Capabilities and working methods 

  • Mapping of current competencies and capabilities and in-sourcing of capabilities needed for change 
  • Establishment of dedicated teams for the implementation of strategic initiatives 

Communication and change management 

  • Creation and execution of plans to drive cultural change through communication and involvement 

Whom to contact

Are you facing a digital transformation and looking for a partner who can help you drive change? We are curious about your particular situation and happy to share our expertise and insights from similar challenges. Get in touch with Hanna Alsterlund. 

Hanna Alsterlund Senior Manager

Transformation & Operative Models

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