Operating Model

Through the development and implementation of tailored operational models, Curamando has supported clients in accelerating business results since 2012

A decisive factor when formulating the right strategy and business plan is creating and ensuring that customer value is delivered. With Curamando’s Digital Operating Model framework, we can help you set the right value-creating activities in motion. This service is centered around optimizing how companies operate, ensuring that every aspect of their presence is aligned with their strategic objectives and capable of delivering exceptional performance.

Our approach

Understanding how to formulate and maintain a business model is only one part of it. The real difference is knowing how to take a business model to the next level and to impact the overall business by decentralizing the way of working throughout the organization. Curamando has developed and implemented tailored business models for various industries, supporting clients to accelerate business results since 2012.

What we do

The Digital Operating Model by Curamando encompasses a comprehensive framework that addresses seven essential dimensions to achieve operational excellence. These dimensions include: 

  • Governance 
  • Organization 
  • Functions & roles 
  • Performance metrics 
  • Data 
  • Tools 
  • Interfaces 
  • Processes 

By meticulously evaluating and enhancing these areas, Curamando helps clients establish a robust digital infrastructure that supports transparent decision-making, efficient processes, and effective performance measurement. 

Whom to contact

Want to know more about our digital operating model? Get in touch with Stina Andersson, and we’ll arrange an initial meeting to discuss how we can help you. We’d also love to show you our previous experience! 

Stina Andersson Senior Manager

Transformation & Operative Models

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