Do you need a helping hand in reaching or creating your CRM objectives?

Or do you need to optimize the performance of your existing CRM, or increase revenue from existing customers as well as strengthen the onboarding journey for new customers? We help you develop everything from CRM strategies and concepts to running the entire implementation and value realization. 

Our approach

To meet our clients’ needs, we combine CRM strategists with data analysts, marketing technology experts, and loyalty consultants with thorough CRM operational experience. This approach allows us to help with everything from strategy to full value realization, both in projects and via operational or strategic line functions. Together with Curamando’s offer within other digital marketing capabilities, this approach has proven to be successful in driving business growth. 

Our methodology is based on a data-driven process that optimizes your customer communication. This helps us identify the most effective ways to influence customer behavior and create experiences that increase sales from existing & new customers, in both B2C and B2B industries. Strategy comes first, as this ensures that your CRM work is based on your overall business goals – whether the focus is to increase revenue, loyalty, reach new audiences, or something else. 

What we do

Our CRM team combines strategy and execution. This allows us to help you review the results of your CRM work and support you in developing new strategies and ways of working for CRM. But we can also help you implement strategies, run growth initiatives, develop campaigns, find and implement new tools, and optimize customer journeys.  

Here are a few of our most common services: 

  • CRM maturity and performance assessment 
  • CRM Channel Assessment 
  • Insights and data modeling, e.g. CLV, churn prediction, purchasing propensity 
  • Creating or Reviewing CRM strategy 
  • Lead management 
  • Personalization and marketing automation 
  • Growth pilot – data-driven fast value realization through quick wins and communication experiments 
  • Email, push & SMS Marketing 
  • Map & execute customer journeys 

Whom to contact

Do you need a helping hand in reaching or creating your CRM objectives? Or handson support in activating your customers? Reach out to Karin Rise – she would love to have a chat! Creating a customer-oriented business is not a utopia! 

Karin Rise Senior Manager

Retention & Loyalty

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