Digital Analytics

Curamando has helped improve the digital analytics capabilities and practices of hundreds of clients

Over the years, our team of digital analysts expanded and we can today offer broad expertise with deeply specialized knowledge across three offices in two countries. Working side by side with our clients, we support them with everything from data gathering to data-driven action plans that will grow the business.

Our approach

We are passionate about digital growth, and combine the best digital marketing experts with experienced management consultants. By mixing the two we can conduct a 360º review of a business, run in-depth analyses across all digital channels, and develop clear and concrete tactical plans. We keep up with and push forward the evolution of digital analytics, develop new methodologies, and use knowledge transfer within the team to ensure that all our deliverables are based on the latest industry insights and developments. Together with our clients, we build strong teams that support each other in projects and in line roles. 

What we do

We love to work with both strategic and technical digital analytics projects and we also offer line functions for shorter or longer durations. Whether you need help improving your data quality, want to find new data- and knowledge-driven ways of working, or need ongoing analytics support in your organization, our team can help.

Here are some of our services:

  • Frameworks and implementations to create data-driven organizations and ways of working
  • Ongoing digital analytics support in line functions
  • Tracking implementation and tag management
  • Analytics audits and training
  • KPI framework and measurement plan
  • GA4 migration
  • Marketing analytics support
  • Dashboards

Whom to contact

Want to better understand the status quo of your company’s digital analytics and what needs to be done to catapult you to the top? Get in touch with Helen Rydlinger – she would love to chat about how we can help you.

Helen Rydlinger Expert

Data & Analytics

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