Data Platform Architecture & Engineering

A well-designed data platform enables organizations to access, analyze and activate data; fostering insight generation and data-driven decisions.

Our expertise in data engineering and platform architecture is focused on delivering the right platform for your needs both today and in the future, adapting to new challenges and opportunities in the data landscape. 

Our approach

As reality shifts, companies must adapt and evolve to stay relevant. We believe it’s important to combine deep technical expertise with broad domain knowledge to leverage capabilities for continued growth. We offer strategic data architecture advice based on your specific needs combined with operational data and analytics engineering expertise to be able to drive change within your organization. We work with our clients in different roles from solution architects, product owners to data and analytics engineers.  

Our team has experience in the main cloud data warehouses, analytics and BI tools. We work, often on-site, together with our client’s stakeholders and development teams. 

What we do

We help our clients to: 

  • Review their current data platform strategy, implementation and usage to identify areas where the platform is underutilized or misaligned with current business needs 
  • Design the right data platform strategy and support with the full implementation lifecycle under a build, operate and transfer model 
  • Establish operational models, ways of working, and processes that allow companies to get the most out of their data platform

Get support with interim roles such as: 

  • Head of Data Platform 
  • Data Engineering Manager or Analytics Engineering Manager 
  • Data Engineer or Analytics Engineer 
  • Data Platform Architect 
  • Data Platform Specialist or Data Warehouse Specialist 
  • Data Product Owner 


Whom to contact

Are you looking to build a data platform that aligns perfectly with your business? Are you an ambitious startup aiming for a lean data platform that can efficiently deliver insights and support growth? Or are you a large enterprise seeking to refine a complex data platform with modern concepts like data contracts and data products? Get in touch with Christophe Bogaert. 

Christophe Bogaert Senior Expert

Data & Analytics

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