Consumer and Market insights

Drive smart decision-making by transforming human and behavioral data into insights with commercial gains

Is your business struggling to stay relevant in the fast-moving marketplace? Are you looking to help your organization on its path toward a new brand direction or solve pertinent customer issues?​ Are you looking to break functional silos and establish common goals across Marketing and ​​Sales? 

Our approach

At Curamando, we have a unique combination of skill sets that allow us to pull together fragmented data sources across the consumer journey.  This helps our clients drive customer-centric business processes and strategies, which results in commercial and consumer gains.  

We are proficient in employing a wide range of tools and systems based on the business scenario, allowing us to converge traditional market research data with off/online behavior data to help you understand how macro and media trends influence consumer sentiment. Together with you, we identify methods that address your current business needs by applying critical and creative thinking and simplification. 

What we do

We help you drive your consumer-oriented agenda by looking at data from the past, current, and future, utilizing your existing research partnerships, and tapping into knowledge gaps. We strive to find new ways of collating and communicating insights to move the needle from big data to transformative insight. 

Market/Media insights  

  • Data consolidation of existing macro and research
  • Trend research for opportunity detection (foresight) 
  • Media spend and competitor analysis


  • Market/consumer ​segmentation
  • Customer segmentation


  • Brand tracking
  • Campaign tracking
  • KPI frameworks and syndicated ​​reporting

Insights – value assessment  

  • Procurement processes and identification of future research vendors
  • Stakeholder-interviews
  • Design insights program and key initiatives

Insights manager/lead 

  • Cover existing role
  • New role

Whom to contact

Classical market research is continuously undergoing rapid development with the employment of AI tools, complex targeting models, and new platforms. Do you need to redefine the objectives of consumer insights and assess your existing resources? Get in touch with Victoria Aramayo and Hannes Söderlund, they are more than happy to have a call. 

Victoria Aramayo Senior Consultant

Data & Analytics

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