How do you ensure that everyone in your company works towards the same objectives? By identifying clear KPIs that ensure effective and efficient governance, Curamando creates the conditions that enable our clients to realize their business objectives. Since 2012, we have helped hundreds of clients define and clarify key metrics and establish ways of working that create value for their entire organization.

How we work

We are convinced that effective KPI work is based on focusing on a few KPIs that are clear to the entire organization. That’s why we distinguish KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) from PIs (Performance Indicators) – the latter being metrics that are not central to the performance of the business but which nevertheless directly or indirectly influence the organization’s overall KPIs.

Instead, PIs can be seen as various levers that the organization can adjust to influence KPIs and thereby also business objectives. That’s why it’s not only important to define them, but also to identify and build consensus on how different KPIs and PIs directly or indirectly affect each other. Once we have defined and clarified the primary KPIs, we can then effectively direct the combined resources toward the desired metric.

What we do

Through our strategic and operational capabilities, we have the skills needed to help our clients in their KPI work – all the way from start to finish. An important part of our approach is to create the conditions for ongoing evaluation of KPIs, but also to set the structures for continuous learning and development.

Our methodology

  1. Check that there are clear business objectives in the organization and break them down into underlying market and sales objectives
  2. Conduct current state analysis of existing KPIs, data sources, associated processes, and ownership within the organization
  3. Through workshops and interviews, establish a desired target picture that defines, concretizes, and establishes the organization’s KPIs and secures the link to the overall objectives
  4. Develop targets and benchmarks for the organization’s KPIs. In order for the KPIs to have a guiding effect it is important to have a reference point against which to evaluate the outcomes
  5. Establish processes for monitoring, focusing on outcomes, and being able to act quickly on KPIs
  6. Ensure that relevant data is available and of adequate quality
  7. Set up automated KPI reporting and monitoring
  8. Develop processes to regularly evaluate and refine KPIs and ways of working

Would you like to know more?

Want to better understand which KPIs make your business grow faster? Or how to unite your organization towards common objectives? Get in touch and we’ll have an initial chat about how we can help you.

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The demand for strategic assistance through KPI work is constantly increasing. This means we need more people in all three of our offices in Sweden and Norway. 

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