Digital transformation requires undergoing change in several different areas simultaneously. These areas include technology, business models, organizational structures, processes and personnel. Driving large-scale change puts high demands on an organization's ability to navigate a complex environment, and research shows that as many as two in three companies fail to achieve their transformation goals. At Curamando we are experienced in helping our clients define their target state, outline a realistic strategy, and create the conditions necessary to quickly and effectively achieve their goals.

How we work

We know that the best conditions for sustainable change and effective digital growth come from management consultants, digital experts, and clients all working together. With both strategic and operational digital capabilities, we ensure that your digital transformation is grounded in reality and that you have access to all the skills needed to effectively lead and execute it. That’s how we put brands and organizations in motion.

What we do

We have developed a methodology to help organizations be more successful with their digital transformation. We help our clients by stepping in as a transformation partner. Through strategic advice and operational implementation skills, we can also help with specific and selected parts of the transformation. Our offer includes: 

Project management and planning 

  • Baseline analysis and definition of objectives
  • Definition of strategic roadmap and initiatives
  • Project management and planning

Management and governance 

  • KPIs and goals to measure success and follow-up
  • Establishing a transformational governance model to ensure control and quick decisions

Skills and ways of working

  • Mapping current skills and capacity
  • In-sourcing of strategic and operational capabilities needed for change
  • Establishing dedicated teams to implement strategic initiatives

Communication and change management

  • Drive cultural change through communication and engagement

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Are you about to go through a digital transformation and are looking for a partner? Talk to us about your particular situation – we’d love to hear about it and share our expertise and insights from similar challenges. Get in touch!

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