How to use AI in your organization

How to use AI in your organization

Do you find it challenging to set up AI in your organization? Let us walk you through a structured approach using the Double Diamond model.

By: Lisa Gudmundson on April 26, 2024 | Reading time: 7 minutes


In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, AI has become a cornerstone for innovation and efficiency. Yet, organizations across various sectors struggle with the practicalities of integrating AI into operations and understanding how to yield the most effect of utilizing AI in the organization. While it can be perceived as difficult or challenging to incorporate AI in your organization, it actually presents an opportunity to address existing pain points and challenges. A Harvard Business School study reveals that while access to AI can significantly enhance performance, understanding its strengths and limitations is crucial to achieve successful outcomes and effectively integrate AI into professional settings. However, the critical question still remains: where do you start and how can you ensure these efforts are directed appropriately?

The Double Diamond model

The Double Diamond model, an approach commonly used within design and innovation, provides a structured framework when identifying AI solutions and tools. Curamando’s pool of AI experts applies the Double Diamond model when supporting organizations in identifying and prioritizing use cases where AI can be utilized. When adopting this approach, the most critical business challenges are addressed first, rather than starting with the technology.

The framework comprises four phases: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver. By following this approach, your organization can systematically explore AI opportunities, develop solutions, and deliver results that resonate with the strategic vision. In practice, the outcome is detailed and prioritized use cases based on identified pain points and challenges, highlighting potential solutions with the help of AI.


Double Diamond method

Each step in the process is essential to obtain the desired results

  1. Discover: The Discover phase is all about a broad approach, with the aim of understanding and identifying challenges and opportunities. It involves engaging with key stakeholders and gathering data to identify areas where AI can add value, so-called use cases to add to a long list.
  2. Define: Based on findings and insights from the first step, it is time to narrow down the use cases for specific AI initiatives that align with business goals. The use cases are prioritized based on their potential impact and estimated effort and added to a shortlist.
  3. Develop: In the Develop phase; the approach is broadened again, with the focus on deep diving into possible technical solutions for the chosen use cases. Further investigation of potential impact of the prioritized use cases is done.
  4. Deliver: In the last phase of the process, the list of use cases is narrowed down to a few selected ones. A roadmap for implementation is established.

Use case example step-by-step

Many organizations relate to facing challenges within marketing, such as content creation relying on manual effort and being highly resource requiring. They acknowledge that producing more and better content would yield substantial benefits. This is a typical use case that is often identified during the Discover phase and added to the long list, among others. After evaluating the use case for content creation compared to others, it may be recognized as a high-potential use case based on impact and effort and selected for the shortlist in the Define phase.

In this case, the expected uplift could be increasing the number of customers, contributing to the overall goal of maximizing sales. Moving forward into the Develop phase, it is time to find technical solutions and detail them to fit the selected use cases. When it comes to increasing efficiency in content creation, a solution could be to use generative AI for copy. By training the model it can adapt the material to fit the organization’s tone of voice and brand and create tailored content. Tools such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion can efficiently be used to generate images and streamline content creation within marketing*. However, it should be noted, that achieving the desired final outcome often requires a combination of AI and a certain degree of manual effort. Lastly, a plan to implement the chosen solution is provided, ensuring the anticipated results.

It is essential for business to follow the rapid development

As AI continues to evolve and become more integral to business success, it is crucial for organizations to stay ahead of the curve. We encourage you to dive deeper into the potential of AI for your specific needs and to reach out to experts at Curamando, who can provide guidance and support throughout your AI implementation journey. Whether you are just beginning to explore AI or looking to optimize existing AI initiatives, there are endless of opportunities waiting to be unlocked.

For further information, insights, or to discuss how AI can specifically benefit your organization, do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we can transform challenges into opportunities and drive your organization towards a more innovative and efficient future.


*Midjourney and Stable Diffusion are AI tools that generate high-quality images based on textual descriptions, allowing users to create detailed and customized visual content based on specified prompts


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Lisa Gudmundson is a senior business consultant who helps organizations with growth through digitization. She is a part of the Business Consultant team at Curamando.


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