Joakim Jensen to lead our Gothenburg office

Many businesses are currently going through a radical digital transformation. At the same time, consulting companies, as well as more or less the entire agency industry, are fighting over who gets to guide and help them through this transformation.

”The competition is really tough. For us, digital transformation is about moving from a traditional business model to a new type of business model where the focus is on growth. Proximity and contact with our clients is, therefore, a central part of our business. The Gothenburg office is a step on the way to being there for our existing clients in Gothenburg, but also to expand in that region of course,” says Mattias Olofsson, CEO and one of the founders of Curamando.

The establishment in Gothenburg is our third office. The other two are based in Stockholm and Oslo.

Joakim Jensen, Curamando Gothenburg

Joakim Jensen, former Head of Digital at Tele2, has recently been recruited to manage the Gothenburg office.

Joakim says:

“ In my previous role at Tele2 I was a client of Curamando, which I consider to belong to Europe’s absolute top level when it comes to digital change management and online sales and marketing. Following Curamando’s explosive growth in 2017, it feels great to be able to be part of the continued journey.”

One of my first challenges will be to solve our direct need to recruit ten employees for the Gothenburg office,” Joakim says.

In addition to the ten consultants in Gothenburg, we also intend to recruit several more consultants and digital marketers for the Stockholm office and a few more in Oslo. See our job openings for more information.

The recipe for our success is partly due to the offering; a combination of management consultants and digital expertise where the results of the changes we implemented and delivered are always in focus. Partly, it is due to the fact that our consultants always work internally with the client, providing them with the knowledge support they need to take maximum advantage of the digital opportunities at hand.

We are well on our way to becoming a Nordic powerhouse for digital growth and the best people!

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