Curamando acquires Conversionista

Through the acquisition of Conversionista, we further deepen our digital business development offering and at the same time increase our capacity. All in all we are now close to 100 employees from Sweden’s elite when it comes to digital transformation, traffic acquisition, conversion optimisation, and organisation and business development, all under the same roof.

“Conversionista is Sweden’s leading expert in CRO – conversion rate optimisation. The company adds edge and further expertise to Curamando’s competence portfolio when it comes to optimisation, A/B-testing and UX. In this way, we are creating the most powerful customer proposition in the marketplace, which is currently undergoing a digital shift,” our CEO and founder Mattias says.

The Nordic market for digital marketing and business development is expanding. The consolidation is fully underway and we want to take an active position in that development.

Complementary businesses offer a stronger value proposition
Since the start in 2010, Conversionista has positioned itself with a clear proposition: Turning online visitors into buyers. Currently, they are 29 employees and have helped businesses in more than 500 projects. Conversionista has a strong brand and many satisfied clients.

“Sometimes it does not matter how good we are at what we do, unless the client has the correct digital tools, organisation or procedures. This is where Curamando completes us with its competence and structure, methodology and processes, to tackle the complicated journey of transformation our clients need to succeed,” says John Ekman, better known as the industry’s Chief Conversionista.

“Curamando is an expert in traffic acquisition. This, combined with Conversionista’s conversion expertise, is a prerequisite for profitable growth online. Now we are able to further strengthen and expand our business, and thus create even more value for our clients,“ John thinks, and has created a video about it all:

Conversionista has trained over 200 conversion experts through its training program Conversion manager, and every year arranges the world’s largest conversion and growth conference, Conversion Jam, which had over 1000 visitors in Stockholm and Oslo this year.

Conversionista will be operated independently from Curamando under the existing brand Conversionista.

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