Life as a New Management Consultant part 2: Tasks

This is the second part of our blog series “Life as A New Management Consultant”, where new analysts at Curamando discuss different topics related to their jobs in Business Consulting. In the first post of the series, Lisa Forssberg wrote about work-life balance.

In part two, our analyst Tim Engström writes about tasks, opportunities and challenges

Try searching for the term “Management Consultant” on Google. What you’ll find, is that one of the most frequently asked questions is this: “What does a management consultant do?” In this text, I will share my perspective as a new Business Analyst at Curamando’s newly established Gothenburg office.

Before starting my employment at Curamando I had a few years of experience from working in financial advisory and assurance. When standing on the verge of my upcoming career change I asked myself the same question as the one mentioned on Google. What will I actually do during the days? I did thorough research before accepting the job offer. Obviously I asked questions during my interviews, but I also read literally everything available on Curamando’s website and in different articles. I went through published client cases and even read annual reports (yes, still coloured by my background in finance). My expectations were high.

I was excited about working with inspiring clients and being part of projects with their core in digital business. This would obviously give me amazing opportunities to gain knowledge within different areas of digital marketing and management consulting, but it also meant that I would have to step out of my comfort zone. As you might guess, my knowledge and skills in digital marketing were limited and I knew I would have to put in some solid work to get up to speed and not get lost in translation. Luckily, being a business consultant surrounded by digital experts, my possibilities were limitless. Plus, I enjoy a challenge!

Now that I’m a few months in, I’m happy to say that reality has exceeded my expectations. I no longer struggle when my colleagues throw marketing terms and acronyms around!

As you’d expect, most of my time is spent working together with our clients. As an analyst, you can expect to assist in projects spanning over multiple areas of expertise. A common task is to retrieve data, both qualitative and quantitative, and through analysis transform this data into insights. Translate the data, essentially. You can also expect to get involved in communicating these insights and explaining the business value of any proposed actions. In other words, everything from data crunching to project management, while at the same time practising the most important tools within consulting and digital marketing.

In Gothenburg, we are a passionate team with the ambition to make Curamando the go-to partner for organizations on the west coast that want to increase their digital capabilities and competitiveness. We are a newly established office working in an entrepreneurial environment, meaning that besides working with our clients, I offer a helping hand where efforts are most needed. Since I started working at Curamando, I’ve been putting effort into multiple essential areas in terms of growing the business. For example, I’ve been working on activities like knowledge sharing, marketing and recruitment.

In my opinion, one of the major advantages of working at Curamando is that we have a mix of talented people with competencies ranging from management consulting and e-commerce management, to in-depth skills within several areas of digital expertise. In other words, at Curamando I can be involved in all stages of a project – from analysis and strategy, to road mapping and execution. As an employee, this creates opportunities to expand your knowledge in a wide range of areas.

Hopefully, I’ve been able to share some insights about my everyday life at Curamando. If you are solution-oriented, have a passion for digital business and appreciate an ever-changing environment, then maybe the role as a Management Consultant at Curamando is something for you. We’re actually looking for new analysts as we speak, so I wouldn’t wait for too long if I were you.

Tim Engström, Analyst

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