How to win on marketplaces

More and more Swedish brands are adding marketplaces as a new sales channel to reach customers. But still – most are missing out on this opportunity. 

We wanted to address this opportunity at Curamando, we have organized a 2 part webinar series ”How to win on marketplaces”

In the first webinar, we received valuable sharing and advice from our guest speakers:

-Andreas Baller, Head of Marketplaces,

-Gustav Jonsmeden, Head of Partnerships,  CDON

-Johannes Asplund, Global Digital Business Director,  BioGaia

During the second webinar, we focused on scaling the marketplace presence, reviewed the tips, tricks, and tech needed to scale up your sales, maximize your efficiency, and reach more customer groups. The expert knowledge was provided by the following expert speakers:

-Patrick Quaggin-Smith, Head of Partnerships,

-Joel Florén, Head of Automation and search, Curamando

-Nils Muhren, Partnership Manager,

-Thomas Wilson, Senior Marketing Manager,


If you have any questions about entering marketplaces, contact: or




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