Sello and Curamando team up to help online sellers succeed on marketplaces

The nordic management consulting firm Curamando, which is a part of the ARC Arise Consulting Group, is announcing a strategic partnership with the marketplace integration platform Sello.

“Sello’s powerful solution has contributed to an explosion of interest in marketplace business models, an area where we have significant expertise and experience.” – Suminder Pal Singh, Curamando

The partnership enables Sello to offer Curamando’s strategic advisory consulting to merchants – helping Nordic brands sell more and sell better on marketplaces.

“Offering Curamando’s expertise to our customers felt like a natural next step. Combining our modern marketplace solution with their strategic insights and experience will generate an even more powerful platform for our customers’ sales growth” – Mikaela Berglund,

About Curamando

Curamando helps companies grow by increasing their digital capabilities and competitiveness. Through a unique combination of management consultants and digital marketing experts, Curamando turns company visions into actionable strategies and secures an execution that makes a real impact on your business.

“By combining Sello’s best-in-class solution with our extensive international marketplace strategy and execution expertise, we are setting the standard for how to help businesses succeed on marketplaces.” Suminder Pal Singh, Curamando.

About Sello

Sello is used by over 2,000 companies worldwide and with its flexible e-commerce solution, we can help you get started in some of the world’s largest online marketplaces. Zalando, Åhléns, Amazon, Stadium, and Miinto are just a few examples of channels we can connect your webshop/ERP system to. With 16 years of experience in e-commerce and especially marketplaces, our team possesses great knowledge and information about the latest secrets that make your e-commerce grow nationally and internationally.

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