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Retail Media Unit.

Curamando creates Retail Media Unit to help retailers and e-commerce platforms build new revenue streams

October 7, 2022

Curamando, a digital transformation, and growth consultancy, today announced the formation of a Retail Media Unit that will assist retailers in the Nordics monetize new revenue streams and build retail media networks. With the emerging movement for retailers and any e-commerce platform to create their own, monetized platforms for endemic and non-endemic advertising, Curamando is announcing its Retail Media Unit, driving customer development, and revenue in new channels. The unit will be led by Suminder Pal Singh, Charles Ohlsson, and Niklas Nikolaidis from Curamando with long experience in supply- and demand-side adtech, revenue operations, and marketplace dynamics.

Retail media is projected to be a +100Bn USD market globally by year-end and it will surpass
40Bn USD in the US alone in 2022, with Amazon and Walmart leading the industry. “The changing technology and privacy landscape with efficient first-party data, enables e-commerce companies and retailers to build new revenue streams and monetize existing services and products in a whole new way.”, says Niklas Nikolaidis, Partner, Marketing Technology at Curamando. Curamando is already seeing demand from major retailers and etailers in the Nordics on retail media opportunities. “Brands need a retail media strategy and operating model to leverage new and existing market demand”, continues Niklas Nikolaidis at Curamando.


For more info, contact:
Niklas Nikolaidis
Partner, Marketing Technology
Tel: +46 760-474343

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