Saving On Average Cost-Per-Click

Retail company saves 43% on Average Cost per Click


Curamando in Oslo worked with an electronics retailer in Norway. Last year, the company’s founder shifted the strategic focus from retail to more online-centric. Curamando joined the company as a dedicated partner in digitising their customer journey. The first phase started with optimisation of paid search advertising.

The challenge

Previously, the company outsourced paid traffic acquisition to media agencies. The costs were high, and the internal marketing department did not have enough insight or competence to understand how the campaigns performed. The marketing manager wanted to take paid acquisition in-house, optimise the campaigns and gain more competence in paid search.

The solution

Curamando’s experience from helping other e-commerce and retail companies was considered a strength to this company, that decided to let a paid traffic acquisition expert from Curamando improve their performance marketing during a three-month period. The new initiatives included:

  • The paid search account was restructured to be better geared for higher performance
  • The implementation of Google Tag Management was improved, to provide the company with full insight into how traffic from paid search performed in all steps of the purchase funnel
  • New bid strategies were introduced to bring down click costs
  • Audiences were rebuilt for the campaigns, to ensure relevant traffic
  • Ads and extensions were rewritten and optimised
  • Automated reporting and workflows were set up to help the company save time

The results

After Curamando restructured and optimised the company’s paid search account and campaigns, the average cost per click dropped as much as 43% compared to the previous period. With the same budget, the newly optimized campaigns brought in nearly 40% more users to the site.

With smarter audience targeting and better tracking on the conversion goals, the traffic also got more relevant. Bounce rate dropped by as much as 70% and the conversion rate improved by 38%.

Furthermore, Curamando helped the company set up and monitor campaigns during Black Weekend, which delivered great sales volumes.

The marketing manager at the company was given a series of six workshops, together with a handbook on campaign optimisation, to ensure that they had enough competence internally to take over operations after Curamando left the project.

Key success factors

  • Curamando consultant being onsite at the company’s office
  • Readiness and effective change management from the client’s side
  • Speedy decision making and work progress
  • Support from the client’s marketing department