Tillväxt Botkyrka

Curamando helps Tillväxt Botkyrka with digital marketing initiatives


As a part of Curamando’s focus on CSR and contributing more to society, Curamando got in contact with Tillväxt Botkyrka. Tillväxt Botkyrka is a non-profit foundation connected to Tillväxt Stockholm, which offers free business advisory services and help with recruitment to local companies in Botkyrka. Its primary aim is to help local companies to grow, and in the end, to decrease the number of unemployed people in Botkyrka. The ultimate goal is creating 1 000 new jobs in Botkyrka by 2023.


Tillväxt Botkyrka is a small team with limited resources, working in a relatively small market. The team had attempted minor digital marketing initiatives, however, with limited frequency and success. They were also mainly working via offline lead generation. Tillväxt Botkyrka was looking for new ways of getting in contact with potential companies to their program. Together with Curamando, a project was initiated. The main purpose was to attract and get in touch with more companies in Botkyrka via digital marketing initiatives, as well as to strengthen Tillväxt Botkyrka’s digital capabilities.

Solution: Various digital marketing initiatives

The project was designed around four elements: Measurement & Data quality, Traffic Acquisition, Conversion rate optimisation and Organisation. Based on this framework, an assessment of each area was conducted, including:

  • A Google Analytics audit, including hands-on work packages with 22 improvement initiatives
  • Assessment of digital marketing channels in relation to the customer journey, including operative recommendations and ways of working with SEO, SEM, Social Media and CRM
  • Conversion rate optimisation-analysis with concrete action points and improvement areas, e.g. around content, call to action, conversion flow and architecture
  • Assessment of current organisation and its digital capabilities, competency gaps in the team and prioritization of needed competences

The assessments resulted in ten growth initiatives and two supporting initiatives with hands-on action plans, to realise Tillväxt Botkyrka’s goal of improving its digital marketing efforts and ultimately reach its goal of creating 1 000 new jobs in Botkyrka.


  • Just three months after the project, Tillväxt Botkyrka saw an increase in active users on its website by more than 45%.
  • Site and CRO improvements have led to an increased conversion rate, e.g. via the implementation of new lead generation touchpoints and more prominent CTAs on the site.
  • During the project, the Tillväxt Botkyrka team also got a competence lift in digital growth – knowledge which they can also transfer directly to the local companies in Botkyrka.
  • Now, 18 months since Tillväxt Botkyrka was founded, the foundation has created 200 new jobs in Botkyrka. Out of these 200 people, almost 50% had been long-term unemployed.

Key success factors

  • Clear objectives, project approach and scope
  • Close collaboration with Tillväxt Botkyrka before and throughout the project. Curamando had the opportunity to meet some of the companies in the program. This led to a better understanding of their situation and needs
  • Flexible mindset and change readiness from Tillväxt Botkyrka


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