Double Organic Traffic

Curamando helps ATG double organic traffic through SEO strategy


Curamando worked with ATG, the Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board. The company’s net turnover in 2018 amounted to SEK 4 162 million. ATG is owned by the national trotting and thoroughbred racing associations. ATG products such as Harry Boy and V75 are available in 2 000 stores in Sweden, online at and through international partners around the world.


When Curamando first started working with ATG, they had a small digital team with little experience in optimising websites for organic traffic. ATG was just about to migrate two outdated websites into one, which proposed a significant risk of traffic loss if SEO was not going to be considered prior to and during the migration. Additionally, there was no long-term SEO strategy or solid measuring efforts in place


The first thing that Curamando did was to develop a technical migration plan in relation to the two outdated websites. This was followed by a support phase – primarily to ensure the implementation of all SEO requirements and secondly to facilitate the communication between all stakeholders involved in the project.

The second project was to develop an overall SEO strategy to define and fulfil three essential goals: visibility, traffic and ROI. The next step was ensuring that the work processes were in place, before implementing the SEO strategy and producing content.

Throughout the process, Curamando offered SEO education to ATG, to ensure that ATG was equipped to take on new challenges going forward.


Since the start of the project, ATG’s organic traffic doubled and now accounts for 28% of the eight-figure revenue – yearly. Since this project, Curamando has been part of most large SEO projects at ATG.

Key success factors

  • Clear goals and objectives for the project
  • Access to key stakeholders within IT and Management
  • Curamando was part of the client’s team

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