Covid-19 Pro Bono case

Covid-19 Pro Bono case: Helping hospitals get an overview of ICU spots


As a result of the escalating Corona pandemic, hospitals are under heavy strain. The available spots at the hospitals’ Intensive Care Units (ICU) in the region are not exclusively reserved for Covid-19 patients.

Björn Persson, Director of Intensive Care and Thoracic Surgical Services at Karolinska University Hospital, describes it:

As we’re under heavy strain at the moment, we value things like simplicity, efficiency and clarity. Getting a clear overview of the number of available ICU spots at the hospitals in Stockholm is absolutely essential – even more so during this crisis.

The portal showing the available ICU spots used by the hospitals in the Stockholm and Gotland region did not meet their needs, and the reporting required was inefficient. Due to the heavy workload during the current crisis, this has led to inconsistent reporting and in turn, unreliable data showing the number of ICU spots available. Furthermore, the portal could not display how many of the spots are occupied by Covid-19 patients – essential information given the circumstances.


With an increasing number of patients infected by the Coronavirus in the Stockholm and Gotland region, it is of utmost importance that the hospitals immediately get an overview of:

  • How many ICU spots are available and where?
  • How many of these spots are occupied by Covid-19 patients?


After a meeting with the Intensive Care Unit Karolinska (the Region Hospital), it became clear to Curamando’s consultants how urgent the hospitals’ situation was.

In order to rapidly facilitate the hospitals’ situation, Curamando created a simple form for the hospitals to fill out three times per day. The form contained the following questions:

  • Which hospital the information concerns
  • The total number of ICU spots available
  • The number of occupied ICU spots
  • The number of ICU spots occupied by Covid-19 patients

The information that the hospitals submit through the form is made available in a dashboard, providing a clear overview of ICU spots in the Stockholm and Gotland region.


Björn Persson, Director of Intensive Care and Thoracic Surgical Services at Karolinska University Hospital:

”We’re pleased with how quickly Curamando managed and produced a solution. It facilitates our work – we can spend less time on administration and more time on our patients. The system allows us to quickly make the right decisions and direct patients to the right hospital. It simply provides improved patient safety.”

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