Rapid transition into pure e-com

Corona crisis: Large EU retailer's rapid transition into pure e-com

Background & Challenge

Curamando’s client, one of Europe’s largest retailers, was forced to close all physical stores due to the Corona pandemic.

This meant that they rapidly needed to transition from an omnichannel business with brick and mortar heritage, into a pure e-commerce model.


Curamando deployed a growth team with digital experts and change managers to help the client compensate for the closed stores, by aggressively increasing the client’s e-commerce sales, while at the same time reducing costs and enabling the organization to be more digitally-driven long-term, post-crisis.

Focused support in four areas

1. Organizational changes

  • Achieving cost reduction by adapting the organization to the new business landscape.
  • Enabling the short-term digital transformation to pure e-commerce.
  • Building the foundation of a more digitally-driven sales organization in the long run.

2. Adapted Marketing & Traffic acquisition

  • A thorough analysis of the potential of all acquisition channels.
  • Building a business case for reaching the new online sales targets.
  • Defining budget re-allocation to grasp full customer acquisition potential
  • Acting Digital Marketing Manager to run the team and execute on all changes.
  • Changed communication strategy and campaign planning.
  • Adapt communication and tone of voice in digital channels, from omnichannel communication to pure e-commerce communication.
  • Responsibility for improving all digital marketing channels including Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Paid Social Media, Programmatic Display Advertising and Email Marketing.
  • Monitoring of performance in all channels.

3. User Experience (UX) & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

  • Improving UX and CRO, as well as managing the IT backlog and supporting the Digital Experience Manager.
  • Implementing best-practice processes and continuous A/B testing.
  • Improving web analytics capabilities and implementing dashboard allowing the client to follow online sales and other relevant KPIs in real time.

4. Remote digital collaboration

  • Adopting digital collaboration processes and tools while most employees were in quarantine.
  • Meeting structure and reporting forums

Curamando continues to support the client in both maintaining and further developing the e-commerce business at a fast pace including support in areas like:

  • New pricing strategy optimized for online sales.
  • Ensuring the availability of products by optimization of inventory management and making the physical store inventory available for online sales.
  • Adapted logistics flows, order fulfilment and shipping conditions.

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Companies that manage to adapt to the changing landscape and maintain their presence despite reduced demand are better equipped to get out of the crisis faster and stronger than other companies. If you’d like to read some tips on how to meet the changing consumer behaviour during the Corona crisis, click here.