ATG - new in-store solution

ATG - new in-store solution and the launch of ATG Sport


ATG, the Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board, has arranged horse betting since 1974. The company’s net turnover in 2018 amounted to SEK 4 162 million. ATG is owned by the national trotting and thoroughbred racing associations. You can find ATG’s products such as Harry Boy and V75 in 2 000 stores around Sweden, online at <a href=””></a> and through international partners around the world.

The challenge

The re-regulation of the Swedish gaming and gambling market opened new possibilities for ATG to broaden their business and launch sports betting both online and in-store. From the 1st of January 2019, ATG had to be prepared for a new re-regulated market, with competition both online and in the brick and mortar business.

Curamando was contracted to lead the project

Curamando has been working with ATG for a few years with different projects within digital strategy, CRM and product management. In this project, our role was to lead this project team on-site with a project group consisting of ATG personnel. The team’s mission was to deliver the following:

• Launch sports gambling in all ATG stores.
• Market and attract new customers to ATG both online and in-store.

The duration of the project was 18 months (Oct -17 to Mar -19)

The solution

The project team did the assessment that the best way forward was to roll-out a total of 6 000 touchscreens and 750 ATG betting post in 2 000 stores, to launch ATG Sport and attract new customers. The project was Europe’s largest digital signage project in 2018 and we managed to go from idea via vendor selection, procurement, development, implementation and roll-out to go-live in all stores. The in-store solution pushes the limit of how a digital betting experience should look like. Below is a selection of what was accomplished:

• Strategy and plan for the launch of ATG Sport in 2 000 stores all over Sweden
• Strategy for attracting new customers to ATG both online and in-store
• Implementation and development of ATG Sport retail client in all touchscreens and betting posts
• Implementation and development of ATG Horse retail client in all touchscreens
• Roll-out of 6 000 touchscreens in 2 000 stores in Q4
• Roll-out and development of 750 unique ATG betting posts in 700 selected stores

The results

Both the stores and the customers have been very positive to ATG’s new in-store solution and the launch of ATG Sport, says Johan Korssell, Head of Retail Sales at ATG. Johan continues to say that ATG remains at the forefront with an in-store solution that is far ahead of the competitors. Johan concludes by saying that the success of the project was secured by a well-delivered project from Curamando and the project team.

Key success factors

• There were two clear goals with the project
• Close collaboration with relevant departments on-site at ATG
• ATG was open to new solutions without preconceptions
• Strong trust from ATG which allowed the project team to make fast decisions