AI-based marketing

AI-based marketing increases Kronans Apotek's conversions


Sweden’s third-largest pharmacy increases conversions and attracts new customers through AI-based marketing with Curamando.


Kronans Apotek’s sales online grew by 69 % during 2017. Read our full client case on how Curamando helped achieve this. In order to achieve continued growth, Kronans Apotek wanted Curamando’s help to increase their digital sales and marketing efforts online.

The Solution

During 2018, Curamando introduced AI (artificial intelligence) as part of Kronans Apotek’s marketing mix. One example of this is AI optimization of dynamic advertising aimed at finding more customers, increasing conversion, and displaying more specific and relevant ads based on behavioral patterns of users.


In just four months, the results from DCO (Digital Creative Optimization) campaigns were positive and had delivered a healthy, improved conversion overall. In addition to this, 33% of conversions from dynamic ads come from new customers, that is, customers who have not visited the company’s e-commerce before.

  • The CPA has decreased by 18% since rollout and the curve is pointing steadily downwards.
  • 71% of conversions occurred on the day the ad was shown and 96% within two days.

Key success factors:

  • Curamando’s integration with Kronans Apotek’s team
  • Providing the client with digital experts who were updated and acquainted with new technology and the latest marketing trends
  • 100 % customer focus