Resolving growth challenges

Curamando helped NiceMobil with growth challenges and fostering sustainable development


We initiated a strategic partnership with NiceMobil, a Telco startup and brand under ice Communication (ice), with the aim of resolving growth challenges and fostering sustainable development. NiceMobil was introduced by ice as a compelling alternative to existing low-cost telco providers to meet the needs of customers seeking up to 15 GB of data with a simpler and more cost-effective solution. Recognizing the need for a partner well-versed in commercial dynamics and digital expertise, NiceMobil identified us as an ideal collaborator for their venture.


The launch of NiceMobil and its predicted growth were based on a business case that suggested significant potential for a brand focusing on simple, low-cost solutions targeted at specific market segments. However, post-launch, the growth fell far short of expectations. To understand the reasons behind this, ice engaged Curamando. With our extensive experience in digital growth and a team comprised of digital experts and business consultants, we were well-positioned to investigate and remedy the issue.


Over a span of nine months, a senior manager from Curamando took on an interim leadership role as the Head of NiceMobil and engaged our pool of subject matter experts as needed. A key first step was to understand the original business case and its prerequisites while reassessing it with actual data. To accomplish this, we utilized our proprietary digital growth model to determine NiceMobil’s performance across the core dimensions of product offering, traffic and conversion. This structured analysis allowed us to quickly identify the main bottlenecks suppressing growth, update the direction and strategic expansion initiatives for NiceMobil and support the organization while implementing the changes.

Our thorough assessment of the original business case and data analysis made it possible for NiceMobil to set new and more realistic growth targets, as well as reinvigorate morale and motivation for the internal team to achieve them.

With data quality and accurate tracking measures firmly in place, our team collaborated with CRO (conversion rate optimization) experts from Conversionista, also a part of the ARC sphere. Together, we conducted qualitative user testing, enabling us to not only gather the necessary data, but also reveal invaluable insights into the underlying motivations driving customer behavior. This comprehensive approach facilitated the identification and resolution of numerous friction points encountered along the customer journey.

The data-driven methodology and ways of working we implemented at NiceMobil were presented to the entire ice organization and are seen as the new best practice way of working.


Through our extensive collaboration with NiceMobil, we achieved substantial outcomes that positively influenced their product, organizational culture, and operational practices. Some of the most notable results were as follows:

  • 10+ quick wins identified and implemented to increase data quality and/or customer experience
  • Two rounds of user testing pinpointing main pain points in the customer journey
  • Implemented data-driven and best practice-based alterations, which ensured the delivery of relevant and timely information at critical touch points and inspired the ice organization to aim for similar ways of working
  • Successfully implemented Google Analytics 4 and devised a thorough tracking plan using Google Firebase

Our comprehensive approach covered each touchpoint of NiceMobil’s customer journey, encompassing paid channels, their website, and their mobile app for subscribers. By implementing strategic changes across each of these stages, we created a cohesive and streamlined experience for NiceMobil’s customers.

Furthermore, as a company committed to both profit and planetary well-being, we took it upon ourselves to explore potential sustainability initiatives for NiceMobil. This led to developing a business case for SIM cards that use 50% less plastic in their packaging compared to regular SIM cards, which was implemented.

Key success factors

  • Our pivotal role in nurturing the development of the NiceMobil team and fostering a culture of growth and innovation
  • The remarkable outcome of increased customer acquisition for NiceMobil, leading to improved competitiveness. This accomplishment was made possible through the effective utilization of data-driven insights and the implementation of our proven frameworks
  • Our valuable contribution in outlining specifications for collaborating with third-party actors, including media agencies. This ensured that NiceMobil’s objectives remained at the forefront of the collaboration, aligning all stakeholders towards achieving mutual success