Travel Policy

ARC’s Travel Policy covers all travels in the service – anything between a shorter journey by foot and a flight abroad. The starting point of ARC’s Travel Policy is that means of conveyance with least climate affection should be chosen, that travels must be carried out in a cost-conscious manner and that efficiency of working hours must be in consideration when choosing transportation and accommodation.


Our travels in the service stand for 76% of our total carbon dioxide emissions (73% flight and 3% car). It is therefore of great importance that we travel with our climate in mind and avoid unnecessary travels. In addition to the environmental impact, our travelling also has an impact on our employees’ personal lives, which reinforces the necessity of a Travel Policy.

Travel-free meetings

Travel-free meetings should be prioritised if possible. We always consider if it is possible to do a video conference instead of travelling to the meeting. We prefer digital meetings when possible and appropriate, i.e. when the customer relationship is not affected negatively. We encourage travels with a clear purpose to create better meetings and relationships, both internally and externally.

Travels in the service

Shorter travels should primarily be made by foot, bicycle or public transportation. Taxi can be chosen if no public transportation is available or when it is more cost-effective than other alternatives. For longer travels, the purpose of the travel, time, cost and climate impact (without mutual order) should be taken into consideration. In addition to working hours, the employees’ spare time should also be considered. By making conscious decisions, we can together decrease the negative climate impact of our travels. Everyone that travels must use the most sustainable transport alternative with mentioned factors in mind. If possible, all travels should be planned and booked with forward planning in order to facilitate sustainable transport and accommodation choices.

Travels to and from the workplace

We encourage all employees to travel environmentally friendly, both to and from the workplace.

Climate compensation

Since 2020, we are compensating for our full business carbon footprint (including travels) in order to reduce our climate impact.

Device Policy

We fix first! All devices at ARC are used for as long as possible. This means that we will repair your device as many times as possible to extend the time of usage, before buying a new device. When the device no longer performs as required,
even after repairs and services, the device will be replaced by a new one. All old devices that are no longer in use are recycled.

Purchasing Policy

At ARC, we strive to choose the purchases with the lowest climate impact. We should always investigate how different alternatives affect the climate before purchasing a new product or service. It should come as naturally as when we do price comparisons. After understanding the climate impact of our potential purchases, we should go for the alternative that has the lowest contribution to global emissions. From the above mindset, our Veggie First Policy has been developed. Vegetarian food should be chosen in the first place. Non-vegetarian food will be served upon request. We should also be thoughtful when selecting delivery methods and choose the alternative with the lowest climate impact. E.g. deliveries by bicycle or electric vehicles.

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