Curamando is a partner of Albert – AI-driven marketing

Today, we are pleased to announce that Curamando is officially an ”Albert Artificial Intelligence Marketing Partner” and has implemented Albert at a fast-growing Swedish company. The first one in Sweden?

At Curamando, we have previously worked with AI components in projects on behalf of our customers. In these cases, we are referring to AI systems which managed one specific channel.

Albert is the first, fully autonomous, AI-driven digital marketer, making thousands upon thousands of cross-channel, cross-device campaign decisions daily for some of the world’s leading brands while delivering benchmark shattering results. He works across both paid (search, social, display) and non-paid (email) channels.

We feel that Albert is interesting because he (they deliberately refer to their system as a person in order to visualize it as part of the workforce), in addition to managing several channels, also makes many of the traditional marketing tasks like manually creating segments and messages obsolete.

Albert identifies and seeks out new micro-segments in real-time, around the clock, and simultaneously optimises messages the entire time. The objective is to reach an infinitely larger market and generate significantly more closes at a lower cost.

Albert has several interesting client cases in the United States. As for ourselves and our friends at the fast-growing company, we are wearing our thinking caps in order to analyse and evaluate the real-life, large-scale tests that we are currently conducting together. Today we’re at Albert’s New York office.

We’ll be back as soon as we have evaluated the results and are ready to share them. We are hopeful. As always, however, at Curamando we let the fact-based insights guide the way.

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P.S. At that time we will also introduce the fast-growing company 😉

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