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This is how Curamando works with sustainability

Sustainability within three main areas

Curamando has the ambition to make sustainability an integrated part of our business operations. We work according to the model People, Profit, Planet and are constantly working to minimise our carbon footprint, increase contribution to our society and build a healthy workplace.


The well-being and equal treatment of Curamando’s employees is our main priority. This ongoing work includes ensuring a diverse workplace, promoting work-life balance, encouraging personal development and offering social activities and sports for our staff.

Today, 47% of Curamando’s employees are women. As part of the group’s focus on diversity, we have created a diversity manifest where we have set a target of being at least 30% females on all seniority levels by 2023.

Read more about how we attract female consultants and how equality contributes to our business.


Curamando’s vision is to be the partner of choice for companies that strive towards sustainable digital growth. As Curamando exists to support our clients, it is also through our clients that we can make the most impact. One way of achieving this is by constantly striving to increase the number of sustainable clients in our portfolio.

An initiative for 2021 is to educate all our employees in sustainability and to integrate it further into our value proposition.


In addition to climate compensating for all air travel since 2019 and our full business carbon footprint since 2020, we have several habits and policies in place to reduce our environmental impact. 

We have a travel policy which promotes sustainable transportation and which encourages our employees to choose video conferences over physical meetings that require travel as often as possible. We have a purchasing policy and a device policy and choose sustainable suppliers and products as often as we possibly can. 

Curamando’s office is environmentally certified according to LEED. In the office, we have a recycling station and we always choose vegetarian food for meetings and conferences unless something else is specifically requested. 

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