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The Curamando SEO Team

When people ask what we do it’s easy to get lost in tales of Panda, Penguin, and the endless hours we’ve spent picking the brain of the latest Google Algorithm update. Usually, that sends them on their way. But although it might be true that some of us sleep with one eye on Google Search Console, people tend to turn around when we reach the part of what’s at the core of our business. Because no matter if we’re working with a nationwide retailer, a startup just commencing its journey, or a global industry leader, the goal for us is to make them stand out. In short, we make our clients visible.

The Curamando SEO team consists of over 15 search engine experts across three offices and two countries. It is one of the largest – and most experienced – SEO teams in Sweden.

Projects of a more technical nature might only need one consultant, whereas more strategic projects could require a few more consultants to be involved. To enable smooth client engagement with great end results, we believe combining consultants with various backgrounds and expertise to be key.

Making sure organic search is supporting our clients’ needs

We support our clients in strategic as well as technical projects, but can also fill line positions over a shorter or longer period of time. Regardless if the client needs support during a website re-make, increasing lead generation and sales, or hands-on daily support and execution on the SEO agenda, we are driven by results. The team always works to ensure that our clients are best-in-class from a search engine perspective.

Examples of our value offering and engagements:

  • Domain and website migrations
  • SEO strategies to increase traffic and sales
  • Recovery projects from failed migrations/SEO tactics
  • Driving the SEO agenda internally (line positions)

How Curamando works with SEO

Client engagements are a team effort. We support each other within projects, line positions, and use continuous knowledge transfer to be aligned with industry changes and opportunities within search engine optimization. Our SEO experts have an average experience of 10 years and counting, with some of us having worked with SEO since 2008. With this combined extensive background and change management at our core, we can ensure successful projects that are well executed and result in positive changes

Join Curamando’s SEO team

Client engagements grow and the digital transformation focus across industries and markets is still very much on the agenda. We need new colleagues that understand the importance and requirements of SEO to continuously meet the demands of our clients. Talk to Johan or visit our career page.

Johan Peuron
Head of SEO at Curamando