Marketplaces such as Amazon or Google not only help brands sell across borders but also tap into an existing global customer base at a lower cost. With marketplaces, you get well-established logistics, warehousing, advertising and a customer service ecosystem that you can leverage to quickly launch and scale revenues. At Curamando we have created a marketplace methodology to fit the increasing needs of brands, retailers and D2C players and help them expand their sales channels.

How we work

Our experts know the leading marketplaces inside and out. We really understand what makes or breaks a marketplace business. Together with you, we work in a close-knit team to set common goals and deliver your desired results, to help you grow. 

We don’t just develop and implement new strategies – we can also fill important line functions in your organization. That way, we can work as your extended team and take over the responsibility to drive your entire marketplace business, ads included.

What we do

Our methodology begins with strategy development and ends with a fully operational marketplace business. Ahead of new launches, we develop a holistic marketplace strategy and select the appropriate platform. We also assess potential market size and geography and select the product range and pricing strategy. 

Prior to launch we conduct a detailed readiness assessment of document requirements, content, imagery, and processes to determine any gaps. During the launch, we manage marketplace advertising to increase brand awareness, improve purchases and increase brand loyalty. We also look at current business processes related to marketplace operations and dig deeper to suggest areas for improvement.

Would you like to know more?

Get in touch if you want to know more about:

  • Your brand’s marketplace potential
  • If you have the right products and pricing strategy to be successful
  • Which marketplace to choose
  • Which geographies are best for your brand
  • How you improve ACOS on your marketplace

Join us

Marketplaces are quickly growing along with the brands associated with them. We are always looking for our next colleagues, so if you are interested in helping companies grow their business, get in touch with Suminder Pal Singh or check out our careers page for current openings.

Suminder Pal Singh Senior Advisor

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