Curamando opens

new Salesforce practice

Delivering sales and marketing transformation with Salesforce: Curamando opens new Salesforce practice

Recognising the growing success of Salesforce and the need for a boutique Salesforce partner in the Nordics bridging sales and marketing, Curamando is launching its dedicated Salesforce practice launch in Sweden.

With a proven track record in helping companies leveraging marketing and sales technology, Curamando now expands its digital consulting services to maximize clients’ success on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce is a widely recognized customer relationship management (CRM) technology with vast potential, as more and more companies are investing in its solutions to drive growth and improve customer engagement.

However, despite all the flexibility, Salesforce out-of-the-box features may not fully meet a company’s unique needs and customization is a natural effect of this. This is where the expertise of a professional consultant can be crucial to make sure the project will deliver the business outcome needed.

By guiding the customization process, a consultant can help the company fully leverage the full capabilities of Salesforce and get the most out of the platform. With a long history delivering sales and marketing consulting services, Curamando hopes to bring in its market-leading expertise in Salesforce platforms Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

«Curamando recognizes the growing demand for Salesforce consultancy services and is well-positioned to meet that demand due to our long history of delivering sales and marketing projects. With established relationships in the marketing space, Curamando is uniquely equipped to help both existing clients as well as new ones enhance their use of Salesforce.”, says Carl-Johan Färnström, Salesforce Lead at Curamando.


For more details, please contact:

Carl-Johan Färnström
Salesforce Consultant
Tel: +46 708795405

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