Fast-growing Swedish Curamando is expanding to Oslo

After having established Curamando on the Swedish market, with both large e-commerce businesses as well as traditional companies as clients, Curamando is now expanding into Norway. CEO Mattias Olofsson sees great potential in the Norwegian market.

”Norwegian businesses also need to transfer a large part of their business from a physical to a digital reality, where competition also is tougher. Our expertise is to help clients actively manage their digital transition and strengthen competitiveness”, Olofsson says.

Kristian Torgersen and Damir Dunderovic, who have years of working together on several digital projects, have been entrusted with leading Curamandos’ Norwegian venture.

A strong offer for the Norwegian market
Kristian Torgersen has fourteen years’ digital experience working with Norwegian media companies. Prior to Curamando he was involved in building a mobile advertising network from scratch, a network which later was sold to Opera Mediaworks.

“In the Nordic countries, Curamando is the only company that has been certified by Google in Programmatic Consulting.The combination of digital expertise and change management consulting is a strong offer that we can now also inintroduce to the Norwegian market”, Torgersen says.

Damir Dunderovic, who’s the previous co-founder of content marketing bureau Plapre, brings additional expertise in analytics and traffic generation to the Norwegian office. He says;

“Business leaders understand the value of data-driven insights and invest heavily in the analytical ambitions of their companies. In order to succeed, experienced expertise and a tailor-made plan for change are vital.

Raising customer awareness and hiring staff

“Despite a high level of competence at many agencies, it is challenging for agencies to take their clients on the digital journey.  At Curamando, consultants and experts are always working integrated into our client’s organizations, and by doing so, we work hands-on and provide and transfer the knowledge and support they need in order to optimise results and digital growth”, Dunderovic explains.

Curamando aims to grow together with their customers in Norway and are currently looking to hire.

”We aim to create as many job opportunities in Oslo as our colleagues have in Stockholm”, Torgersen concludes.

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