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Marketing management consultants with a focus on change and results

Curamando was built on a firm belief that management consultants and digital experts working together is what it takes to achieve growth. Duality is key.

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Curamando has had a double-digit profit margin every year since the start and has around 150 employees in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo. And – we’re a certified Great Place To Work.

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The company was founded back in 2012 with the insight that there was a shift underway in the marketing ecosystem. One slice of digital transformation. The founders realised that there was no real partner supporting businesses with the high-quality digital expertise which was needed to meet that shift.

Now there is a partner. We call it Curamando.

Cura what Mando who?
The name Curamando is made up of “Cura,” meaning care or cure, and “Mando,” meaning entrust, command or confide.

Family of eight

Curamando joined forces with Conversionista, Kurppa Hosk, Animal, Keybroker, Cupole, Above and Umain and formed the company group ARC.

We are here to help people, businesses and brands arise through digital transformation.

We promise our clients to deliver elevating results. We call it business remastered.

Remastering is great when it comes to music, but also when it comes to fine-tuning a client’s business. When a musical recording is remastered, a new recording is made of the old version, using modern technology to improve the quality. This provides a more sophisticated and powerful sound experience. Just like a musical recording can benefit from being remastered, so can a company. With a boost in know-how and by managing modern marketing technology, businesses will improve.