W e are happy to announce that our programmatic project for SBAB is nominated for the Swedish IAB Mixx Award, direct response bransch. The IAB Mixx Award is an internationally acclaimed award given yearly to digital campaigns that define the contemporary digital landscape.

mixx20172-300x126Our work for SBAB is a completely data-driven AI controlled programmatic solution aimed for maximizing media effect while minimizing work effort. The total lift in conversions is above 30% and the digital team have been able to redistribute their work effort from unqualified and tedious tasks to more strategic and creative.

“This project proves that AI technology is powerful and already available to the market. The main challenge was for the analytics team at SBAB to let go of their statistical training with correlation calculation of a few variables and trust the AI to dynamically compute thousands of variables. The only thing to worry about was to set targets and connect internal and external data sources. The whole project was done in a few months.” Says John Eriksson, Senior online expert at Curamando

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